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Edusurv is a concept that helps you find best schools near you based on the opinions provided by other parents

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An education portal like EduSurv was much awaited, rich with a multitude of information for concerned parents. EduSurv as the name suggests, is one of finest gateways for parents to seek, collect & evaluate data on schools, merits & curriculum, based on comprehensive research and analysis. An initiative like EduSurv will go a long way in facilitating parents when it comes to their child’s education and overall development.
Tuhin Verma - Mumbai
“I remember the time when I moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore and then to Mumbai. The single most important question I had at that time would be “which school for my daughter?;which school provides education system in line with what I was looking for?” Googled up and barely got any information. In fact many times the information I got was from some places like mouth shut, etc which are very generic and may even misguide as they are based on extreme reactions from people. So the only way I figured
Kavita Sahgal - Mumbai
For any parent the most challenging task is to identify a good school for their choice. Till date it is only through the word of mouth. Edusurv will be helpful for the patents to zero upon the right school as this platform provides all relevant information backed by..... Parents, Teachers, and Alumni feedback. All the best to Edusurv.
Resham - Ranchi
“It is indeed heartening to see this wonderful initiative. Finding the right school for children is one of key concerns being faced by parents when relocating between cities. The site will certainly address this unfulfilled need by evaluating the right school more objectively. I wish EDUSURV all the best in this new initiative.”
Sandeep Pandya - Mumbai
I feel it is a very good initiative while there is a benchmark study available for virtually everything Edusurv fills the space which was most needed. It will be very helpful for parents relocating to new cities or parents/students looking to start fresh or change schools. A neighborhood analysis will be very helpful as it is important that quality education is available everywhere. I hope one day schools start quoting their Edusurv ratings as a differentiator. All the best to origination team of EDUSURV.
Rajesh Sahai - Bangalore
I hold a transferable job. Every 3 years, I am transferred to a new place. As a family man every transfer accompanies 2 major haunting worries - finding a new house and a new school. For a house, you have access to agents, but for a school, you are left alone to explore and find out. The place being new, you do not have enough network of friends to assist you with this tedious task but thanks to a generation of creative thinkers who came up with this idea. At
Moonnu Joseph - Ahmedabad
This portal is going to be a very helpful initiative to decrease the pain of searching a good school in a totally new area. Searching a good school in new city has dependency on your kid's future has always been a glaring problem which hold people back from taking transfer to new city and exploring new opportunities for themselves. Now any individual can do a homework of searching a good school without being physically present in the city and can plan things pretty well before moving in. I am really
Navani Srivastava
"Right product at the right time! Edusurv fits into an existing need very well. With the dynamism in the economy expected to grow manifold more and more cities and towns in the country would get developed. This would call for movement of professionals across these towns and cities to grow exponentially. One of the biggest challenges that causes dismay and reluctance in people to move is concern over schooling of their children. This is the biggest source of worry for parents, all of whom want their children to be the
Manish Pharasi - Gurgaon


Edusurv is a platform where the right owners of a school can claim the school page to moderate it and upload content, which will be visible to the parents/children.


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