About us

Find out how well our Schools and Educational Institution serve.

Edusurv is a free web-based tool that gives parents and others a quick, easy view into our educational institutions, through survey-based analytics. You can access either a snapshot or full detail and specifics, of the opinion from parents, teachers and students, about any specific institution.

The survey is designed to provide parents and others with information directly from all of us. This can be used thereby to foster positive learning and teaching environments, parent involvement, student achievement, social development and safety. The act of asking parents to provide their perceptions of the school is in itself an empowering parent-involvement activity. The survey can also be an effective tool in seeking solutions to help close current issue gaps.

Discalimer: All results shown here are generated by the polls taken up by the users about specific educational institutions.


Research has demonstrated that parental satisfaction is strongly correlated with student engagement and achievement.


Edusurv plan to conducts regular surveys to assess the quality among our schools and institutions.


Survey results provide insight into an institutions learning environment and contribute a measure of diversification that goes beyond test scores. School leaders can use survey results to better understand their own school’s strengths and target areas for improvement.


The performance of many school operations can be monitored using quantifiable data, e.g. levels of student achievement.