Primary School

bus   Joseph Addison once said “What sculpture is to A block of Marble, Education is to A Human Soul”. The essence of education can be very well understood from the above quote. The role of primary education is like a base to the building block on which the education is built upon. Slowly but nicely if you take one step at a time the base will be strong. Only a strong base can withhold the heavy stress, pressure and load that life has in coming years. The importance of primary education is many times misunderstood. In general people consider life to a race, and primary education to be start of the race. In the contrary this is so not true. Life is not a race, because everyone has a different track, different hurdles and different potential. So can we compare everyone from same finish line? Tricky question, if this is a question asked in the survey, we will see fairly different answer. People seem to hide the truth, and keep comparing and pressurizing their kids with other children. Result can be explained by the following graph.   mapp   You can use pressure tactics to a certain extent, but after that the performance deteriorates. The results can be more devastating at the later stage. In several occasion children who are prone to stress, develop stress syndrome at later stage. In several cases, students who excel at primary level, starts deteriorating at senior secondary or higher level. The answer to this question is pressure and performance graph. It is very necessary to build a good base for the children in academics but it is equally important to provide them a stress free climate. Primary education is therefore a very important stage of in life. At Edusurv we believe, primary school is the first time we are introduced to formal education and in a way to the world. Primary schools are institutions that lay the foundation stone in a children’s life. They play a very crucial and important role in developing over all personality and later on making children into a responsible citizens and good human beings. Primary schools are the place where young talent is recognized and nurtured. So never try to save few bucks or time in researching a good primary school. It is rightly said that “A well begun work, is half done”. If your child has a healthy primary education, it also paves a way for a good career. So always take primary education very seriously. Think before saying, “he is just in primary school”, take a serious note you are just shaking a foundation of a building. A weak foundation will not make a good building. Hello readers, please leave your comments about the importance of primary education in your life, and some interesting facts about childhood. Let’s get nostalgic. If you need any help in finding a suitable primary school in India and your nearby school write to us.